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Innovative and ‘Smart’ Safety Systems: Helping Make the World Safer and More Accessible

Safety and accessibility are a core commitment at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and we have a corporate directive and intent to share our safety know-how and technology with the world.

In order to achieve our vision of a safer and more accessible world, Disney SyncLink Technology has been developed to provide innovative safety and accessibility software solutions in areas such as food safety, employee safety and effective communication to people with hearing and vision disabilities, and is being made available for use beyond Disney.

Disney SyncLink Technology combines the know-how of a global operation and dozens of safety and accessibility technology patents and Disney licenses the SyncLink Technology to other companies to bring safety and accessibility solutions into the external market.


Food Safety: Disney CHEFS®

In 2002, Disney received the Black Pearl Award for outstanding food safety practices for the Disney CHEFS® system, a tool that tracks, assesses and manages the critical control points in food safety from farm to fork. The CHEFS® system has advanced with technological improvements, and in 2013 the CHEFS® system was made available to other companies to bring the Disney magic of food safety to external businesses.

The Disney CHEFS® system is used in all restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and is now used in several large external food chains such as Darden Foods and Roy’s Hawaiian Grill. Our commitment to help make the world a safer place is coming to life as we help other companies reach a level of food safety that we are proud to offer our own guests.

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Accessibility: The Disney Access™ System

The Disney Access™ system is a first-of-its-kind accessibility technology that provides real-time and location-aware captioning, amplified audio, and audio description. Disney is committed to enabling a magical experience for each guest and every member of their family, and The Disney Access™ system technology is now available for a broad range of venues, such as movie theaters, stadiums, national parks, walking tours, historic sites and conventions.

The Disney Access™ system has been implemented at 17 national parks and many museums and sports venues throughout North America.

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Employee Safety: Mobile Check™

Mobile Check™ is web-based software designed for use in various workplace environments including employee, transportation, facility and maintenance safety. Mobile Check™ enables safety managers and staff to quickly capture critical safety data using multiple handheld platforms and simple computer desktop tools. Mobile Check™ technology also provides workflow tools to increase the efficiency of the company’s safety compliance process.

Mobile Check™ integrates safety and technical expertise into software, resulting in a top-of-the-line tool that tracks, assesses and manages rigorous safety policies and procedures in the field of employee safety. Mobile Check™ is available for commercial use though several licensed companies.