Effective Communication

Providing multiple assistive services.
Two female Guests enjoying their day at Disneyland with Audio descirption devices with Sleeping Beauty's castle in the backround.

Audio Description

Describes key visual elements for Guests with visual disabilities. Synchronized in-between existing show audio.

Video of Audio Description

A man explaining how the Handheld captioning works to a woman

Handheld Captioning

Portable text captioning system for Guests with hearing disabilities. Provides synchronized captions in theaters, on moving rides, and other locations where traditional fixed captions are not feasible.

Video of Handheld Captioning

A female Guest enjoying It's a Small World ride with her family through an Assistive Listening device.

Assistive Listening

Amplified audio for Guests with mild to partial hearing loss. Automatically detects location and provides amplified, synchronized audio.


For information on utilizing our services as Guest in our Theme Parks, please visit www.waltdisneyworld.com or www.disneyland.com



Connecting handheld devices through multiple methods of communication to their environment.
Mother and son Guests exploring the outdoors with handheld device

Handheld Device, Featuring Disney SyncLink™ Technology

Whether the Guest is exploring outdoors or indoors, a handheld device featuring Disney SyncLink™ technology can seamlessly deliver synchronized content related to the environment. Multiple location detection technologies, indoors and outdoors, enable complete coverage of an entire park or venue. Defined areas automatically trigger content on the handheld device, or the Guest can access content manually.

To view product information, see where this technology is being used outside of Disney, or purchase the Durateq handheld device featuring Disney SyncLink™ technology, please visit the www.durateq.com website.

Handheld Information at Durateq.com

Map of Disney Access Infrastructure

Transmitters, Featuring Disney SyncLink™ Technology

The transmitters communicate location information to the visitor device as it moves throughout an area. Whether it’s a walking tour, theatrical film, or a moving ride, the experience is always synchronized. Timing information from an attraction or show can be sent from the transmitter infrastructure so the device knows where it is as well as what is going on around it. The same infrastructure can power all the services offered on a handheld device indoors or outdoors, even in direct sunlight. Multiple transmitter designs allow for different areas of coverage. A single small transmitter can be easily hidden in a location and cover an entire room. Larger emitters can communicate with an entire theater at the same time.

To view product information about transmitter technology, see where this technology is being used outside of Disney, or purchase transmitters to install an accessibility system in your area, please visit the www.gantom.com website.

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