Disney CHEFS®


Disney CHEFS® provides the technology to easily manage food safety 
at various stages of production, delivery and service. 

Food Safety

Disney Parks invented an automated auditing tool called CHEFS (Computerized HACCP for Enhanced Food Safety) which features a handheld device with a Bluetooth® temperature probe to collect critical food safety data. The system prompts for corrective actions when standards are not met, improves accuracy and accountability, and allows for continuous improvement. This Disney-patented system has been made available to the food industry through third-party partners and is currently being deployed nation-wide by well-known brands.


Disney CHEFS®


Disney CHEFS revolutionizes the way we look at food safety. Through the use of technology, CHEFS streamlines the auditing skills and technical skills required to drive the right behavior, at the right time and place to the right person. Providing the ability to provide real-time compliance from farm to fork allows those responsible for serving food safely to move from hindsight to insight to foresight when studying data and trends over time. 

Food Service: 
At the heart of the system is Disney CHEFS for Food Service or managing key critical control points for food safety, quality and sanitation. 

In addition to safety, CHEFS is a system of record for many quick service and table service applications to help integrate all of the necessary back of house functions. 

Disney CHEFS is available for commercial use. 
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