TempestOne Weather System

A revolutionary weather system, the TempestOne Weather System provides real-time weather and heat stress monitoring with actionable information, automated alerts, and intelligent forecasting. This easy to use and compact system offers precise measurements including wet bulb globe temperature, wind speed and direction, lightning activity, and more. TempestOne’s groundbreaking technology strengthens operational planning at Disney properties and similar locations around the world.

The TempestOne Weather System packages the TempestOne Weather Station with TempestOne Essential and our patented Nearcast™ Technology, enabling you to manage your activities with precise location-specific data and forecasts.

Centered around the TempestOne Weather Station, a revolutionary solid-state design that requires minimal maintenance and installs in less than 5 minutes.  Accurately measuring heat stress, temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, rain, sunlight, and lightning from anywhere your operation requires has never been easier. The TempestOne Weather System also includes extended burn-in and testing and an industry-leading commercial warranty.

Leverage accurate observations, powerful machine learning, and state-of-the-art modeling capabilities to provide precise, local forecasts available. No moving parts, completely wireless, simple installation, with instant online access to weather data via the TempestOne app or powerful Ops Console.

Each System includes a full year of our premium TempestOne Essential. Real-time data and a better forecast guarantee help inform and manage your organization’s weather-related decisions.  Our patented Nearcast™ Technology utilizes weather data from your location(s) and more than 75,000 other proprietary observation sites.  We combine it with a massive amount of additional curated data and our own high-resolution AI-based models to produce extremely accurate point-specific forecasts.